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Economic promotion of poor single women through goat rearing.

Sponsored by:

Inter Church Council of Canada

What is the goat project?
The single women labourers in the villages are looking for a regular income, they currently have to live on the meagre income of Rs.40 per day. They know only agricultural and allied activities in six month for year. They have no alternative occupation nor do they know any special skills to subsidise their income. The women group members suggested to us that rearing of goats may help these single woman to have a yearly income, which will multiply year by year.

Each of 20 single women will be given Rs.5000/- to purchase one goat and one male goat in a year. The goat should deliver 2 baby goats and the male goat will be sold at around double its buying rate as the mutton fetches good prices today. (1 Kg - Rs.260 todays rate)
Therefore, an individual single women labour will have an income of Rs.3500/- with assets worth of Rs.9000 in a year. This will be an additional income for them besides their wages from farm labour and will improve their socio economic status as a whole.

What will be the outcome of this project?
20 single women trained on goat rearing and disease control.
20 single women got 4 goats - 5 goats with in one year .
20 single women re-paid the revolving fund to their groups .
20 additional single women will be getting revolving fund for goat rearing .
Income of each 20 women increased by Rs.15000 per year .
20 single women get an improved socio economic empowerment status .

What is the impact of this project?

- Free from the clutches of money lenders .
- Free from male violence
- There are two level of development
     (i) Individual,
     (ii) community .
- Leadership quality
- Doubling of per capital income .
- Asset creation
- Eradication of illiteracy .
- Self reliance of each beneficiaries .

- Local resource will be utilised .